Is Al Gore a genocidal maniac?

Alpacas_thumbRecord Cold in Peru, 250,000 Alpacas Persih: Global Warming to Blame? – Conservative Hideout 2.0. And here I thought he was just a sly, money-grubbing charlatan. I’m using that word a lot lately: charlatan. Our nation is top heavy with them, wearing us down as America slides into the abyss. Shielded by media fellow travelers it’s harder and harder to pierce their arrogant bubble with mockery that is so well-deserved. Where after all, are the stories about Al Gore leaving the hotel masseuse he allegedly assaulted being left on the top of his car on the way to a global warming climate change convention?

gore_poopI’m not claiming that global warming is non-existent. Unlike many on the left, I can readily admit to having no scientific background aside from watching Star Trek. But what bothers me about Gore is that it’s so relentlessly, glaringly obvious that the man is a phony. Why does depravity and mendacity always get excused of leftists like Gore, John Edwards, Bill Clinton, just because their supporters share what they perceive to be their convictions? Guys like these have few if principles save those that are related their own self-promotion and self-gratification. In a perfect world it may be that Al Gore didn’t kill these alpacas himself. But this is far from a perfect world. Can he prove it? What if a pack of federal grant grabbing scientists and colleges say the science is settled and Al’s irresponsible campaign killed those gentle pack animals?  Who am I to argue with consensus? Only liberals challenge the status quo I was told. Oh wait. Damn, this gets so confusing.


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