The meaning of chivalry

via Iinstapundit | Just another Babble Voices site. “When I open the car door for my wife, which I do every time, (What, you don’t?) I’m not placing her on a pedestal above me, nor am I insinuating that she is incapable of opening the car door herself. What I’m demonstrating is that I am voluntarily using my strength for her benefit. I’m signalling by my actions that I have control over my strength and my aggression, and that I will use them for her, not against her. In the same way, when I carry the groceries in, or her shopping, or perform any other function that she could do as well on her own, I’m reinforcing that basic message. When I stand when a lady enters the room, or wait for her to be seated before I sit, I’m not idolizing her; I’m showing her respect so that she can relax her natural caution”

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