America the hundred percent

There’s been a lot of nonsense the last few years about the one percent versus the ninety-nine percent. Or the forty-three versus the fifty-seven percent.  Whether it’s demagogues playing the petty fiddle of class division or short-sighted leaders disinterested in the hardships of the everyday working class, they’ve got it wrong. This country was founded on a bedrock of equality. And not equality at the finish line but equality at the starting gate. Until recently, generations of Americans looked to success in practically every endeavor as a beacon of hope. Now, sadly, the politics of class division has warped the American dream in one of two ways. It’s perceived as being either hopelessly unattainable or it’s viewed as an object of scorn and envy.

In a 2012 presidential debate, President Obama mocked Mr. Romney, saying “I don’t look at my pension. It’s not as big as yours, so it doesn’t take as long“.  In speech after speech before and since, Mr. Obama has relentlessly attacked what he calls big business. And all the while, gladly accepting their largesse in the form of campaign contributions. He talks about wanting to spread the wealth around. At the same time he’s always trying to raise taxes on and regulate to no end the same companies people rely on to create that very wealth. In 2011, he said of the Occupy Wall Street crowd, “you’re the reason I ran for office.” This is the same group known all too well for sexual assault in their camps and for defecating on police cars. If these folks are the reason Mr. Obama ran for office then our problems are much wider than mere class division.

The simple fact is that Americans don’t have a history of class warfare. We’ve always been bigger than that. Self-reliance, pulling oneself up by the bootstraps, these are the cornerstones of our economic growth.  When taxes are cut, as under President Reagan, who gave us the largest economic boom we’ve experienced, real growth translates to real jobs and real recovery. We’ve always known that this is the fairest, most decent and humane way to ‘spread the wealth around’.  You don’t do it by bringing those around you down. You do it by lifting up those around you in the wake of your own success.  America has never been and shouldn’t ever be defined as become a disgruntled camp divided by success and envy. There is no one percent, ninety-nine percent, or any other percentage of economic division.  Because when it comes down to it, we only get as far as we take each other.  That I know one hundred percent.

It’s called ‘Flexibility’

via Exclusive: U.S. Won’t Share Invasion Intel With Ukraine – The Daily Beast. “American spies have spotted all the signs of an all-out Russian invasion of Ukraine. Why won’t they tell the Ukrainians about the forces on their border?”

John Kerry’s the worst Secretary of State since that guy Leonidas kicked into the pit

McCain blasts Kerry’s ‘trifecta’ of disasters | TheHill.

Boehner denies expanding obamacare


Team Boehner to Drudge: We didn’t ‘expand’ Obamacare, we repealed a piece | At least when Democrats lie they make like they believe what they’re shoveling (channeling Sg. Al Powell). Another reason Boehner needs to retire, he even fails at being disingenuous. If the right can’t produce leaders that are honest, then hell, at least be as good at lying as the other side. On the other hand, I guess if you’re a moral relativist, then what you said on Monday can be 180 degrees different than what you’re saying on Friday.

One is the loneliest number

John Boehner Report: Top Boehner Allies Departing Congress. “We’re going to have a new speaker,” Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS), a conservative who helped spearhead the failed coup against Boehner at the beginning of the 113th Congress. “Looks like a whole bunch of folks leaving who are key to him staying as speaker.” This guy is so superfluous that when he’s gone I don’t think I’m even going to realize it.

‘Smart Diplomacy’


Boehner collapses faster than Belgium in WW2

thSpeaker: Immigration overhaul tough to pass – “Just last week, Boehner and other House Republican leaders had unveiled broad principles for immigration changes, including legal status for the estimated 11 million immigrants living here illegally, tougher border security and a shot at citizenship for children brought to the country illegally.”

In the history of idiocy, there are few competitors for the ultimate crown itself. John Boehner is one of them. Several obvious cliches come to mind: never start a battle you can’t win, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, stupid is as stupid does! It’s also prudent not to push something one hundred eighty degrees anathema to the wish of your Party’s base supporters. Maybe I’m old fashioned making presumptions like that. Or just naive. It isn’t like I’m Speaker of the House or anything.

Newsflash: Boehner is a joke, sucks as Speaker

boehner dummy

via Rep. Raul Labrador: Boehner’s speakership at risk over immigration, report says – Washington Times. “I think it should cost him his speakership,” Mr. Labrador, Idaho Republican, said in an interview with the Capitol Hill news organization…Mr. Labrador also refused to rule out running to replace Mr. Boehner — even if the Ohio Republican put the brakes on immigration bills.”

After a weeks long hiatus doing actual work, I have returned to take up one of my favorite hobbies, Boehner-bashing. Sadly for me, it’s becoming quite popular, a regular national pastime. If you haven’t seen for yourself his appearance on Jay Leno, don’t. It’s like chewing tinfoil while standing naked in acid rain on a Monday morning. And if you are under the bizarre impression that this idiot’s brazen embrace of amnesty is some kind of genius master plan, I refer you again to his Jay Leno appearance.  Better yet, listen to Mark Levin on Boehner on Leno. It’s truly devastating. it’s also an eye-opening descent into reality, a place where you will come to realize that the GOP is presently led by a bunch of clueless morons. Seriously clueless. I’m sure they’re great at fundraising, and groveling before our mult-culti overlords in the media. But leaders they are not.

Senator Coburn’s political post-mortem for 2013

Tom Coburn: The Year Washington Fled Reality –  “How the nation’s leaders perform in Washington is a reflection of the country, and culture, they represent. Moral relativism and postmodern disregard of truth has been promoted by academia for decades; sometimes it seems that the best students of that thinking can be found in Washington.”

There’s much more to the Senator’s column on the analysis of specifics, but I think the crux of the issue is summed up quite well with the above quote. I keep writing that Obama isn’t so much the problem as he is a symptom of our progressive-dominated culture in free fall. It’s accurate to suggest that the dysfunction of Congress is no less a symptom itself.  On the one hand though, I fault leftists like Reid for disregarding precedent and of course common sense.  And on the GOP side I fault Establishment types like Weepy Boehner for failing to undertake any serious opposition to Obama’s lawlessness.  My disdain for their budgetary capitulation led by Paul Ryan is no less deserving.  The foundations of our republic, the rule of law and fiscal sanity, are indeed under assault like never before at least in my lifetime.

Saudis feel the sting of low-information voting

Obama golf (july 5, 2013)

via Richard Miniter, Saudis lament, ‘we have been stabbed in the back by Obama’ | Fox News.  “Every time that Obama had to choose between his enemies and his friends, he always chose his enemies,” he said. “We don’t know what he’s putting in his tea.”

I’ve gotten tired of Die Hard analogies and welcoming people to the party. So how about we skip the similes, stand back and just admire the handiwork wrought by the ultimate confluence of anti-Americanism, socialism and unmitigated incompetence. It’s tempting to try and imagine the world if Obama had been elected during the Cold War.  Of course, I’ve seen Red Dawn and Amerika, so I don’t need to try that hard. And we did have Obama-lite with Carter after all.

But I don’t think Obama could have been elected and certainly not re-elected were we still faced with the Soviet colossus. But for certain brief lapses and errors, the U.S. government and the American people were in the majority a serious people waging a serious multi-generational campaign against global communist tyranny.  Our president today, a hubristic ivory tower man-child, could only have been elected and then re-elected by a profoundly unserious people. Weary from fighting post 9-11 jihad and a government that refuses to recognize it as such, with two conventional wars fought ultimately to little if any strategic end, perhaps the American people no longer feel the need to be serious.

Indisputably the government has reached an apogee of corruption and un-seriousness. Look at the debt and lack of action from either side to reign it in.  We are in a moral, cultural and political death spiral. Obama is a symptom of this societal collapse more so than its cause. Assuming we can recover our bearings, sense of destiny and ‘seriousness’, the wreckage will take a generation to clear. That is, if we’re lucky and consistent in purpose. The growing disenchantment by allies like the Saudi government, is just the latest example of the damage which must be repaired. Hopefully that can happen before it’s too late.

Like Jesse Jackson, I “demand a sit down” with A & E

jackson extortion

Jesse Jackson: Phil Robertson ‘more offensive’ than Rosa Parks driver | Fox News. But unlike Mr. Jackson, I am not a race-baiting extortionist. I also haven’t fathered any children out of wedlock. While I’m hardly a saint, my point is that who the hell is this joker to demand anything of anyone? As if he’s somehow been personally affronted. It’s absurd. It’s also embarrassingly obvious that by taking this bait, if they do so, A & E will have automatically ceded credibility to Jackson’s upcoming demand for ‘protection’ money.  By sitting across the table from any criminal low life you’re automatically conceding at minimum their moral equivalence to you, even if they are vile thugs of the lowest order. Cultural vampires like Jackson thrive on the moral weakness of their victims. If A & E gives in on this too, then it will merely serve too compound their idiocy. The only way to ward off this kind of creature is to ignore it, or better yet, call it it for what and who it is.

Raul Castro plaigarizes Obama

via Ann-Marie Garcia, The Associated Press: Raul Castro issues stern warning to entrepreneurs. President Raul Castro issued a stern warning to entrepreneurs pushing the boundaries of Cuba’s economic reform, telling parliament on Saturday that “those pressuring us to move faster are moving us toward failure.”

Delusional lunatic harangues bewildered minions

last days bunkerDavid Martosko: Obama hijacks tech executive meeting, changes subject from NSA surveillance to fixes | Mail Online.  “That wasn’t what we came for,’ a vice-president of a company whose CEO attended told MailOnline. ‘We really didn’t care for a PR pitch about how the administration is trying to salvage its internal health care tech nightmare.’”

Come on folks, what did you expect from someone who takes selfies at a funeral? You should have brought along at least one corporate psychiatrist to explain how malignant narcissism works. Maybe next time you’ll get invited over to discuss 401K’s and instead spend two hours getting asked tech questions like “what the hell are cookies?” or “what’s the difference between Instagram and Tumbler” (in fairness, I don’t know either). Let’s get to the real crux of the issue.  Obama clearly doesn’t give a damn about his socialist healthcare debacle or the NSA.  He didn’t bring up basketball brackets so that just leaves one purpose to thimarissa white houses little high tech confab: Marissa Mayer.

After being called out on his Danish Prime Minister hijinks, Obama’s obviously set his grubby sights on my favorite CEO. This photo from the above link confirms it (though I’ve edited out the President for the sake of space).  Not that I blame him, it’s the only thing Obama’s ever done outside of a Marxist-Alinskyite paradigm that actually makes any sense.

Whatever happened to the 13th Amendment?

Dennis Prager: ‘Tolerance’ Now Means Government-Coerced Celebration | via RealClearPolitics.  Mr. Prager makes a better argument here than I could ever hope to do.  But there is one analytical prong missing, and that is a reference to the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

I refer you to Wikipedia, the source of all knowledge for some history on this Amendment. Or just look in, I’m sure there are plenty of legitimate texts which cover it well. Here is the text:

Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

The plain reading of this Constitutional Amendment prohibits involuntary servitude except as punishment for a convicted crime. Unless refusing to bake a cake for a wedding which is not recognized as lawful constitutes a crime, and perhaps it soon will in the new Amerika, then this Judge’s ruling is exceedingly unconstitutional.


Photo: Boehner files petitions for re-election | Friends of John Boehner.

Surprise, NY Times lays ground for death panels

“Poppies, poppies, sleep, sleep”

poppy On Dying After Your Time – Daniel Callahan, “Even if anti-aging research could give us radically longer lives someday, though, should we even be seeking them? Regardless of what science makes possible, or what individual people want, aging is a public issue with social consequences, and these must be thought through.Consider how dire the cost projections for Medicare already are.”

So the Death Panel concept argued over in the context of Obamacare by Governor Palin wasn’t so nutty after all. The not-so-much-it-turns-out absurd ramblings of an Alaskan Governor were just that to the media for the last several years. But here we are now with a post-Obamacare de facto endorsement of euthanizing the old in the op ed section of the NY Times. Sure it doesn’t discuss euthanasia. But really it does. Having the medical capacity to prolong elderly lives is being viewed negatively here through the prism of what’s deemed beneficial for the economy.  Remember when the left called Palin crazy for even discussing this? Nah, of course you don’t. But frankly, this kind of thing should scare the Soylent Green out of you, comrades!

“Welcome to the party, pal!”

welcome to the party pal

Iran: White House Lying About Details of Nuke Deal | Adam Kredo | Washington Free Beacon. Now the Iranians know what it’s like to be an American living under the Obama Industrial Deceit Complex: “If you like your nukes, you can keep your nukes. Period.”

According to this article, Iran’s draft of the text to the agreement permits them to continue with the uranium enrichment process. Apparently they need that kind of thing for peaceful purposes, like irradiating tomatoes and poisoning dissidents like the Russians do from time to time. It’s a sad testament to the pathetic reputation of this White House that I automatically cede more credibility to the spokesman for an Islamic republic than I do to the so-called leader of the free world.

What’s at least mildly reassuring is that the damage from this can yet be minimized. What this latest in an endless conveyer belt of idiotic debacles shows, is that this President can’t even succeed in appeasing our enemies properly. Perhaps he should have done a better job explaining to the Iranians why they would enjoy being shanked by the U.S. government, just like its citizens under Obamacare. It’s the Non-Affordable Care Act for jihadis. Maybe they should have launched another $600 million non-functional website. Call it Sellout.Gov or Appeasement.Org.

What an embarrassment. Again. Will our nation ever recover its reputation and our dignity, do we even deserve to? Considering the results from last November, I’m not so sure.

At the crescendo of Obamacare’s collapse, Boehner does the obvious and stabs us all in the back. Again.

Boehner to amnesty fans: No way are we done with immigration reform « Hot Air. In a predictable act of self-immolation apparently designed to blot out the collapse of Obamacare, an event that would otherwise unite Republicans, conservatives and libertarians, Speaker John “What the @#!k are you doing, a$$hole” Boehner has colluded with the left to stab all of us in the back simultaneously. Predictable, despicable and despairing.  Boehner pulls this crap on the same day that Harry Reid rewrites the Senate rules to effectively end the filibuster. Just in time for the grand amnesty sell out of America, announced today by this duplicitous cretin. To quote Slim Pickens from 1941, “You’re all in cahoots!!”

You know, at least Obama has the decency to lie to all Americans. Boehner just sticks it to his own.

Just letting it burn is a big mistake for GOP

New GOP strategy on ObamaCare: Let it burn « Hot Air. If we’ve seen one electoral constant in the last five plus years, it’s this: sitting on your hands does not win anything. McCain sat on his hands. For much of the electoral cycle, and the last two presidential debates, Romney sat on his. Cruz was right to pseudo-filibuster for defunding Obamacare and even more right when he led the government shutdown fight.  Every time you leave the battlefield, the narrative is left to those standing on the field, Democrats and their hegemonic media allies. To do so here, when as Rahm Emmanuel would say, “never let a crisis go to waste”, would be yet another tragic mistake.  When your enemy is down for the count, whether by his own doing or not, you’d better make the effort to finish him off before he recovers. I don’t think Obama, Harry Reid or Pelosi would be so merciful were the situation in reverse. Quite the opposite in fact.

Also, politics aside, elected conservatives who are well aware of what’s at stake all have a duty to do what they can, anytime that they can, to actively burn down this Obamacare monstrosity. If not, then they should all go home.

Dude, you won. Twice

via Obama implores supporters for help on health law crisis – Yahoo News. “It is a long race, and we aren’t near the tape yet, we have just got to keep on running,” a tired-sounding Obama said, on a scratchy phone and Internet call with his Organizing for Action political group.”

Does this President know how to do anything other than campaign? Does he even know he’s the President?  Well if you follow the oft-repeated Limbaugh Theorem that Obama acts as a bystander to his own regime, it would be easy to draw that conclusion.

Barack Hussein Obama destroyed American healthcare

joker-clapUnitedHealth drops thousands of doctors from insurance plans: WSJ – Yahoo News. Fundamentally transforming America is the one promise that this Manchurian Candidate has actually kept. If by fundamentally transforming he meant turning America into a third world cesspool. It’s easy to assume that this is all being done intentionally than to come to the conclusion that the President is an incompetent sociopath. After all, that means the majority of registered American voters are dupes. When I refer to this hack as a Manchurian Candidate I don’t necessarily mean he’s some kind of long-term Telefon-esque mole working for an organized government. He’s an internal mole, a product of socialist fed American self-loathing. Oh and he’s a lazy bum. Not a good combination for the well-being of our citizens and America’s standing in the world. But hey this is what we asked for. Now we’ve got it don’t we?

Liberalism in a nutshell

via The Republican Task: No Obamacare, No Iran Nukes | Bill Kristol | The Weekly Standard. “Aren’t the bossy often insecure? Aren’t bullies often cowards? Those who throw their weight around when they aren’t resisted often shy away from confrontation with those who won’t yield. A fatal conceit at home can be the flip side of a fatal loss of nerve abroad.”

The column goes on to implore adoption of a spirit of positive engagement by the GOP.  I agree with that of course. It’s no less important to fix on the failings of the other side than it is to promote your own agenda.  That’s a wildly unbalanced ledger at the moment. It has been since 2008, or longer.  But, if you listen to Ted Cruz for example, their agenda is positive. His opposition to Obamacare is rooted in a traditional American abhorrence of the encroaching state leviathan that is so beloved by the left.  I note that it is “traditional” since it’s become sadly unclear whether we are still a nation of individualists or instead a coterie of Matrix batteries for government-directed crony handouts. But wait, I’m supposed to stay positive here.

It would be naive of me to argue that one side or the other is morally pristine. What I contend is that the philosophy of the economic conservative is rooted in the desire for liberty on which America was founded.  It’s low taxes, lassez-faire approach is tailor-made for a robust growth of individual wealth, and by extension the tax base meant to defend our shores, help educate our children and help those truly in need of assistance. That’s as positive a government as you can get in the flawed natural world of humanity.

So why run as a Republican if the party won’t back the nominee?

Cuccinelli Campaign Says National GOP Abandoned Them: ‘We Were on Our Own’ – Tony Lee, I’m not saying hey let’s go all third party necessarily. That’s never been much of a winner in America despite it’s allure for various reasons. But for the GOP to be incentivizing that as an option doesn’t seem very smart to me. Then maybe that’s why I keep hearing them being referred to as “The Stupid Party.”

The left doesn’t care about the name Redskins anymore than they really care about closing Gitmo


via D.C. Council calls on Washington Redskins to ditch ‘racist and derogatory’ name -  Mike DeBonis & Aaron C. Davis, The Washington Post.  “In the latest challenge to the Washington Redskins’ name, District lawmakers voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to call on the team to change it, saying it is widely recognized as “racist and derogatory.”…“Enough is enough — the name must go,” said David Grosso (I-At Large), who first introduced the name-change resolution in May.”

I repeat myself here. But let’s be honest about this Redskins name change push. The left doesn’t give a shit about Native Americans.  The left doesn’t give a shit about what anyone calls their football team. The left cares about one thing only. That’s control. They want to control your healthcare, your business, your religion or to specifically obliterate it from public existence. Whether it’s from a misbegotten sense of socialist equality imposed from the top down, an expanded dependency base of voters or a shakedown racket and massive conversion of our tax revenue for their various interest group pals, are all of them together, it’s about control. We all know that too well. But what can anyone do about it? Well it sounds like the Redskins owner, Dan Snyder, is so far handling this right way.  He’s telling the pressure groups and socialist media lackeys to piss off. But this story won’t go away until he caves or the left sniffs out a more vulnerable carcass. Just like they did with gun control – now the AR-15s are back on the shelves at regular retail prices.  Anyway, the press stories, boycotts, whatever, all of it will continue relentlessly until either of those things happen. Hopefully Snyder will continue holding out and not offer up his balls on a platter.  That would at least be a nice example for others to take heed off.

Let’s use the same strategy as McCain and Romney

tumblr_lonkilppD01r045a9o1_400GOP Strategy on Obamacare: Shut Up and Leave Town – There is a reason I keep reading that the GOP is known as the “Stupid Party.”  The “Dumb and Dumber” strategy of curling up sucking your thumb on the floor of a bathroom stall crying “Take Me To A Happy Place” is not a strategy for winning. It’s a strategy for letting your opponent define the narrative while you sit and wait for people to see the light of their own volition. As the last half decade at least has shown, the answer isn’t blowing in the wind.  What would the left do in a similar situation in reverse? They don’t sit on their hands waiting for people to get it together, they Alinksify everything and everyone in the way of their objective.  The White House and media allies are doing what they can to spin this debacle in their favor.  Maybe McConnell and the rest of the go along get along crowd should stay home after the recess, do what they do best and raise money. Let the conservatives handle this.

“Step right up, let the socialist guess your weight”

coke bama

Obama admin. knew millions could not keep their health insurance – Investigations Anyone who didn’t know that this creep was little more than a socialist carnie, has a lot to learn about people and even more about politics.

Unfortunately for the middle class suckers that are only just now realizing that they’re the ones paying for this catastrophe, it’s rather late in the game to hear them complain like Heather Goldwater: “I’m jealous of people who have really good health insurance,” she said. “It’s people like me who are stuck in the middle who are going to get screwed.” We’re all stuck in the middle now Heather. Whether or not you voted for the President, we all own it now.  It’s a shame that the majority of voters couldn’t see the train coming before they could get off the tracks.

As this worsens for the average American, it’s telling to notice how the media dam is sprouting leaks throughout the whole structure. I can see it happening already (see above). So let’s see how many of these two bit socialists in Congress don’t start jumping off this charlatan’s coat tails in the next few days. In an effort to salvage what remains of any credibility remaining with the burgeoning welfare state, watch the press and elected Democrats begin isolating and throwing overboard Obama in an effort to save their own skins. For once, this crowd in the White House may learn what’s like to be “polarized, isolated and” whatever other Alinksy crap goes on in their twisted world.

Failure, like love, is a universal language

via Spanish-Language Version Of Healthcare Website Not Ready For Enrollment « CBS Philly. “An indefinite delay of the Spanish language version of the Affordable Care Act website threatens the viability of the program as a whole, according to area experts”

Get ready for lots of “Iowa doesn’t mean much” stories

Iowa audience embraces Sen. Ted Cruz | The Des Moines Register | “Cruz, a U.S. senator from Texas who has visited the presidential testing grounds of Iowa three times in less than three months, told an audience of about 600 at the Republican Party of Iowa’s annual Ronald Reagan fundraising dinner: “We need to come together.””

The flaunting of illegality should be the final straw for amnesty

thIllegal aliens to launch ‘Week of Escalation’ to pressure GOP – I’ve got a better idea. Let’s launch a “Week of Deportation’ to enforce the law. I know, that’s crazy! What can I say, I like to push the envelope a little. This reminds of another recent story where a bunch of illegals chained themselves to a detention center to protest deportations. What? Why weren’t they all arrested and processed? No transportation was required. No carbon footprint necessary. No $630 million website that doesn’t work was needed to frog march these people 10 yards away into detention.  America was a melting pot until up to roughly thirty years ago, and indeed a successful one. But for a variety of reasons, not only do we no longer enforce immigration law, it’s been made almost taboo even to consider the possibility of doing so. With no limit to the influx of foreigners, there is no longer any incentive to assimilate legal newcomers into the American tapestry. Indeed, our multi-cultist elite abhor that very idea. How did this happen? We know the answer. A confluence of liberal anti-Americanism and big business opportunism have colluded in forming a maelstrom of illegality that has malformed the very notion of what America is and what it means to be an American. But how did this come about and in such a relatively short space of time?

It isn’t that we lack the means to enforce the law. We are a nation that put men on the moon. Quite simply, we lack the will. And everyone knows it, including the illegals.  It’s just like how Americans are kidnapped and murdered with impunity. And our citizens are jailed in foreign nations on spurious charges of espionage. Well, some of them anyway. But all of this takes place with complete disregard because our adversaries, and even sometimes allies abroad, know there is no consequence. World stage level fiascos like Obama’s dithering and ultimate failure in Syria is a giant Bat Signal of cowardly incompetence broadcast to the entire world. We have enemies within and without that have taken the full measure of American fortitude, and found it utterly wanting. Just 100 years ago, the notion of any foreign action taken against citizens of the western world was laughable. The western world sat astride the world as an unmitigated and unchallenged colossus. And why? We had the maxim gun and weren’t afraid to use it. We had battlleships and gun boats and weren’t afraid to use them. It wasn’t always necessary to use these weapons, but the world knew that they could and would be employed anywhere at anytime. And without hesitation. The world knew it. The world respected it. All it took was the unnecessary implosion of the west in 1914 to bring down the whole edifice. One hundred years later the colonizers have become the colonized. The enforcers of obeisance are now the enforced. And the western elite are a navel-gazing horde of self-loathing Capos. Look at us now. Just look at us.

We’ve made too many excuses for too long in a decades long parade of self-pity and delusional, self- destructive oppression fantasy. Obama’s international boot-licking is just a final culmination of this multi-generational rot. The long crawl back from this sorry state begins at home. It begins with the rounding up and the deporting en masse of illegal aliens. It begins with putting a stop to the making of excuses about the ‘unfairness’ of enforcing the law, of respecting our borders and re-establishing a respect for our sovereignty. Stop making apologies for self-defense and a robust program of border enforcement. It’s time to break the shackles of self-doubt and take pride in ourselves once again as a nation and a people. It’s a rational calling, no less expected of any other nation. So why should it be any different for America? Even President Obama says that America is no less exceptional than any other nation considers itself exceptional. Of course his point is that America is nothing much and certainly not anything to be particularly proud of, at least not before January 2009 that is. Maybe he’s right about that. Even so, if we do consider ourselves no less exceptional than any other nation thinks itself, then why can’t we start acting like it?

The Last Days of Speaker Weepy?

boehner chickenBoehner Might Allow House Vote on Senate Bill – I’m actually in Washington on business, just a few blocks from the Capitol. I’ve been sniffing the air trying to catch a whiff of the fear emanating from Mr. Boehner’s spineless political carcass. I don’t know how anyone who half way pays attention to public affairs could’ve had any doubt that ultimately Boehner would sell his conservative House members and constituents up the river.  He’s going to be whipping Democrat votes for his unconditional surrender.  At least it took two atomic bombs to get Japan to surrender. For Mr. Boehner it only took a couple weeks of bad press.

Surprise! Weepy blinks

boehner dummy

Boehner pitches short-term debt-ceiling hike ahead of White House meeting | Fox News. Thanks again to my visiting father, I’m watching Chuck Schumer on my television longer than ever before. I usually can’t make it past the first thirty seconds. CNBC’s anchor is tossing really tough leading questions at Schumer, such as this doozy: “So what do you think of Republican’s being down to 27% approval?” Then giving him a 5 minute time frame for a monologue about those tyrannical tea party republicans, who again thanks to spineless Boehner, are being handed their lunch. I’ll be glad that the shutdown ends. But that the Republican leadership has caved comes as zero surprise. Excuse me now while I go pump my stomach.

By all means, raise the debt ceiling. Hell, let’s just take the roof off

boehner lion

House Republicans eye short-term debt ceiling fix, ahead of White House meeting | Fox News. It’s nice to see Speaker Boehner finally stand up for something besides total capitulation. Unfortunately, like a deceased Charlton Heston at the end of “El Cid”, he is being propped up on his horse heading into battle at the front of an eager army mostly unaware of their leader’s morose condition. CNN is counting down to the government default.  They should instead be counting down to Boehner’s inevitable weepy breakdown whereupon he begs Obama for a bucket to hold his tears.120368411_amazoncom-el-cid-charlton-heston-24x36-poster-print-home

Why am I watching CNN without either Robin Meade or Erin Burnett on you may ask? Well my well-meaning but politically misguided father is in town and this was a compromise between Fox News and Bolsheviki t.v. on MSNBC. I’m glad my dad is able to take a break from the spittle hurling ravings of Chris Matthews. Everyone needs a rest.

Obama finally meeting with a psychiatrist

krauthammerEstablishment Conservative Journalists Meet Off-the-Record with Obama at White House.  It seems Dr. Charles Krauthammer will be among those visiting the blessed presence of President Man Child.  That is, assuming they can get past Obama’s National Park Police gestapo.  I realize that a lot of land in DC is government owned, including the White House.  Also, I don’t believe that any of these columnists are illegal aliens so it isn’t like they can expect an exemption of any kind. After all, it seems illegals not only have no fear of being deported, they can also appear on the National Mall to “protest” their illegal status while the rest of us Americans are kept off the lawn.  On that note, why isn’t the mainstream press shut down as well? For a wholly owned subsidiary of the Obama Administration, it certainly is odd that the Park Service hasn’t been dispatched to storm the offices of the NY Times, the Washington Post, NBC, etc.  Maybe they’re too busy arresting WW2 veterans.

Democrats/Journalists floating dictatorship trial balloons

indexSuddenly the left isn’t too big on that whole representative democracy thing anymore: Is It Time To Abolish Congress? | The National Interest Blog.

In the last forty-eight hours I’m seeing a lot of these sanctimonious tut-tutting columns popping up like leftist mushrooms in a garden full of rotting horseshit. Wouldn’t it be convenient..oh look what a waste of time this old parliamentary democracy crap has been. These same duplicitous a-holes were screaming bloody mary for eight years about an impending Bush dictatorship. All that over the guy who had the decency to go to Congress for things like, you know, going to war and stuff like that pesky Constitution requires.

Let’s be honest here, these leftist shills are not democrats (little d). They are not defenders of the republic. Nor are they constitutionalists. These people, these leftist demagogues, are no more than sociopathic, lawless power-grabbers. You want to start abolishing branches of government and dismantling the Constitution, how about we start with the most irresponsible and out of control portion of our society, the press.

The leftist media is at the core of the rot eating away at the heart of America. They have abrogated all pretense of objectivity in the near monolithic pursuit of a government suckling utopia led by an incompetent marxist man-child. If we’re going to start making some changes, let’s start with these media vermin and see how that goes first.

Breaking Bad finale – Spoilers!

indexWell that was something.  The finale should have been a couple of hours.  It felt a bit rushed.  But, when things happened they exploded, sometimes literally.  There were so many penultimate moments tying in the past episodes that it’s hard to know where to begin.  So I’ll take a look at what I thought didn’t work about the episode. Lydia.  My question about that is why? She was certainly no angel. Mike made that clear early in the season when he reluctantly reconsidered taking her out himself.  But if Walt was finally going to use that ricin after five years, why not utilize that for a big player that really deserved it? I’m not sure Lydia’s actions merited her end, at least not in the way it did. She could have had Walt’s family bumped off.  She hinted at it, and admonished psycho Todd for not having done so. But she never truly insisted and never looked at some other way of getting that done.  She was a distributor of the product put together by her nazi pals and the imprisoned Jesse.  I’m just kind of unsure about that, other than I suppose it was necessary for Vince Gilligan to wrap up the long running ricin thing.  I think Chekov (not the Starfleet officer, the other Russian guy) wrote that if you introduce a gun in scene one that you must use it by scene three. And let’s face it, there weren’t too many players left by scene three!

Jessie didn’t mention the whole Jane thing to Walt when he was holding a gun on him. I can understand the reasons he couldn’t or wouldn’t shoot Walt in the end.  But I don’t understand why he didn’t interrogatumblr_mhnd83LqBP1s00ervo2_250te Walt about it or just ask him why.  If Walt truly felt Jessie was a surrogate son then how could have let the woman he loved just die in front of him? Also, Jane was a smokin’ hottie, so perhaps I’m a little biased.

But what this got right about Walt is that like the collateral damage emanating from Walt’s compulsion to put his being in the “empire business”, the prospect of losing his partner and having to compromise his selfish ambition was too much for him to bear.  Jane was just another obstacle to Walt’s narcissistic self-actualization. Ultimately, Walt sacrificed his own family, the respect of his son and his very freedom for the same reason.  So having let Jane go was probably just a blip on his radar.  In my mind, the biggest loser of the entire show was Jessie.  At first he was a happy go lucky, ignorant meth head and dealer.  By the end he lost two girlfriends, all his money, his freedom for months, his self-respect and sense of innocence.  The same innocence that Walt had also cost his actual son.

I think that the best scene, possibly of the entire final season, was Walt sitting in the New Hampshire Bar listening to Gretchen and her husband diss Heisenberg! The look on his face and then the music kicks on. Just glorious.  And the slaughter of the evil nazis with Walt’s machine gun trunk contraption was simply priceless.  I’ll never look at an adjustable recliner the same way.  Or a sugar packet for that matter.  Or Bablyon 5 for that matter. Thanks Skinny Pete!

And while it came off as a bit too contrived, it was nicely poetic that Walt got to off the head nazi the same way that he so callously killed off Hank. Todd’s demise was also nicely done and a much more realistic ending for him.  Todd was one creepy bastard. He was so polite and well-mannered, yet utterly devoid of compassion for others unless he cared for them himself.  In some ways, Todd was the anti-Jessie. Much the opposite, Jessie was an ill-mannered, hilariously obnoxious slob, but he also had a heart of gold.  Come to think of it, Jessie, Walt, Jr. and Todd were each different aspects of Walt’s vision of a perfect son.  In the end, they were either irretrievably alienated from Walt or in Todd’s case, thankfully deceased.  There’s just too much to cover. But I guess the lesson from one of the best shows ever on television is “know thyself.” Otherwise, “Better Call Saul!”


Nigerian students learn about Religion of Peace

Gunmen kill students as they sleep in Nigerian college – Yahoo News Canada. It’s kind of like a field trip to study the concept. But, tragically, they never had to leave. So where’s the President’s speech condemning this atrocity? If he had a son, would he have looked like one of these murdered student’s? No, Obama’s too busy demonizing legitimate political opposition to his insane, socialist healthcare plan, to take any notice. Or if he does take notice, I don’t think bombing his psychotic, theocratic allies is at the top of his to do list. Four!

Sure, why should Benedict Arnold get special deals

Paul wants to end health care subsidies for chief justice | The Daily Caller. This is pretty clever on Senator Paul’s part. There is a yawning chasm between what the ruling class sees fit to bestow on the rest of us and what our enlightened betters are comfortable with settling for themselves.  Like in the Hunger Games, the only thing you can do is take the fight back to the Capitol.

These Democrats represent no one but themselves

i-see-stupid-people-590x395Katie Pavlich: Congressional Dems walk out on Benghazi family members   What a monstrous disgrace.  You know, every time I check the news I find that the left has outdone itself yet again. Forget politics, these people have no decency as human beings. But that’s just it, it’s all about politics to them. These individuals are not fit to lead anything, let alone sit in Congress. Or to walk out of it.

Will Obama next tell us the Moon is in fact cheese?

Obama: ‘Raising the Debt Ceiling…Does Not Increase Our Debt,’ Though It Has ‘Over 100 Times’ | CNS News. We are well past the point where speaking as a layperson, I can declare that this President has some type of pathological mental illness. It’s malignant narcissism on a mega scale. I’ve known more than one person like this but never heard of anyone with that condition having access to a nuclear football, to say nothing of whatever other damage he is creating on a routine, regular basis. I suppose having a pathological liar in the White House doesn’t amount to the high crimes and misdemeanors level for impeachment.  On the other hand, the consequences that are regularly flowing from attempts at covering up for his ineptitude and corruption, that is where it will likely be his political undoing.

The IRS isn’t the problem, it’s the elite that pull their strings


Tea party wants socialist treatment – Byron Tau – I used to think of the IRS as simply a necessary nuisance. I considered those who called for its elimination or substantial diminution as rather, well, nutty.  No longer.  And that is unfortunate. My change of opinion isn’t because the IRS is out of control. They are simply a tool of the leftist elite that’s running our country and governs with a monopolized stranglehold on our culture, fiscal policy and all levels of government institutions.

If these people could use any government agency as a cudgel, they would do it.  In fact, it’s already done.  Look at the abuses ongoing with the EPA, the incessant Dodd-Frank regulations burying banking and financial institutions and smothering our economy. The IRS is simply a far-reaching, overly powerful tool that like any other weapon in the leftist arsenal, happens to be available for their use and abuse. Like Obama’s presidency itself, the misuse of the IRS is a symptom of a lawless, bureaucratic and increasingly alienated central government-media-cultural complex. Sure, go after the criminal actors in the IRS, but more importantly, go after the power-mad tyrants that have co-opted our institutions.

President now supplying arms to terrorists, legally?

Obama waives ban on arming terrorists to allow aid to Syrian opposition | “President Obama waived a provision of federal law designed to prevent the supply of arms to terrorist groups to clear the way for the U.S. to provide military assistance to “vetted” opposition groups fighting Syrian dictator Bashar Assad.”

Well the enemy of his enemy (us) is his friend, after all. Every action that this man takes should be viewed either through the prism of incompetence, malevolence, or both.

Putin to Obama: “Do you feel in charge?”

do you feel in chargevia Russia ‘to renew offer to supply S-300s to Iran’ – FRANCE 24. “Putin will renew an old offer to supply Iran with five of the sophisticated ground-to-air missile systems at a meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rowhani on Friday, Kommersant said, quoting a source close to the Kremlin”.

This is just the beginning of the post-Syria fiasco re-set that Obama promised Medvedev would happen “after” the election. It’s a re-set alright. Just not the one Obama was counting on. Never in my lifetime, and at this point I can include Carter, have I witnessed a more incompetent buffoon at the helm of our country.  We have 3 more years of this. Think of the damage that will emanate from this single event like the ripple from a pebble dropped carelessly into a pond of diplomatic ineptitude. Can America survive the next 3 years? Yes we can!!

Chickens come home to roost in Colorado

Colorado Lawmakers Ousted in Recall Vote Over Gun Law – War / Anti-War, Democrats can be remarkable fickle in their philosophical fidelity. But, if there’s one thing that Democrats can be counted on no matter what the agenda, it’s overreach.

Kerry continues Hillary’s legacy of ‘smart diplomacy’


via Washington Post Syria says it ‘welcomes’ Russia proposal on chemical weapons “The timing of the new proposal was awkward and its apparent genesis perhaps more so. It began when Kerry was asked early Monday whether Assad could avoid a U.S. attack. “Sure. He could turn over every bit of his weapons to the international community within the next week, without delay,” Kerry responded with a shrug. “But he isn’t about to.”…As Kerry flew back to Washington to help lobby lawmakers, he received a midair call from Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who said he had heard the secretary’s remarks and was about to make a public announcement”

Awesome, this was a textbook case of incompetence. Granted, the White House shouldn’t have placed itself in such a ridiculous case to begin with. Every day, practically every hour, has seen one more monumentally stupid comment or action than the last.  It’s unfortunate you can’t impeach for stupidity.  But you know, Obama isn’t the problem. He is the symptom of a decrepit, corrupt and cynical political system. Washington has ossified into a bureaucratic, inept behemoth that would be utterly unrecognizable to our Founding Fathers.

We need our own Freedom Towers here today